Modular LED Touch Light
Modular LED Touch Light
Modular LED Touch Light
Modular LED Touch Light
Modular LED Touch Light

Modular LED Touch Light

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This is the new modular touch screen wall light. This design allows the user to effectively swipe where they want or need light, turning the walls into a canvas for illumination using their hand as the brush. Turn the interior architecture into a canvas for illumination with your hand as the brush. 

Take full control of the designs and patterns you want to create with this Modular lights, and unleash your creativity and come up with your own patterns and shapes that represents your vision of how your home or office should look like.

The best thing about our Modular light is that its design is so clean and unique, that the wall panel setup will perfectly fit any room or office space.

Improve the overall feel of the interior with the ability of turning on and off each individual light, which gives you a full control over how bright the area should be.

The individual components can be easily pieced together via the magnets that are located around the edges of the product. The hexagonal shape allows the pieces to tessellate together and gives the opportunity for a variety of multiple different structures. This process allows the user to create a light that suits the needs they have. The customer can purchase as many units as they need.



  • Magnetic Touch Light
  • Power Cable
  • Power Adapters
  • User Manual


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